Trainee Costs Lawyers

To qualify as a Costs Lawyer a trainee must successfully complete both the course and supervised practice. On successful completion, a trainee will have met the education and training requirements and will be able to apply to the CLSB for a Costs Lawyer practising certificate, under which they will be afforded the rights to conduct the following Reserved Legal Activities under the Legal Services Act 2007:

  • The exercise of a right of audience
  • The conduct of litigation
  • The administration of oaths
To find out how you qualify, or to apply, to become a Costs Lawyer please click on the button and you will be redirected to the relevant webpage.

Costs Lawyers

All Costs Lawyers in legal practice or employment in England and Wales must comply with continuing professional development requirements.

In accordance with the Practising Rules, the CLSB may refuse to renew a Practising Certificate or may issue the Practising Certificate subject to conditions where the Costs Lawyer has failed to comply with CPD training requirements. The Costs Lawyer CPD year runs from 1 January inclusive to 31 December inclusive (“CPD year”) and all Costs Lawyers must complete a minimum of 12 CPD points in each CPD Year. A Costs Lawyer must keep a record of CPD undertaken and must produce it to the CLSB on demand.

CPD can be a challenge for lawyers, keeping up to date with changes to legal procedure or recent case authority whilst balancing the needs of the clients can increase the pressure you are under. ACL Training has developed a number of courses specifically for costs professionals and have used the latest technology to create interactive and engaging e-learning courses. Our approach will help you meet all your training requirements and provide evidence for reporting to your regulator.