Core Course Documentation

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2020-2021 Intake Advanced Professional Development Planning

This module builds on previous experience of Professional Development Planning and sets a path of continuous professional and career development post ACL qualification. It does this through deepening your understanding of the professional attributes of a cost lawyer, professional career paths and your current level of ability. During this module you will initially consider your …

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Advocacy and Negotiations

To become a competent costs lawyer it is essential to have the skills and attributes to attend court to oppose or support a bill of costs or costs budget. Costs lawyers have rights of audience and are entitled to appear as an advocate in relation to costs disputes. In addition, under the Civil Procedure Rules …

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This module is a legal practice unit and covers the civil and criminal Legal Aid system in England and Wales as well as exploring the other types of legal funding commonly found in practice. Objectives Demonstrate an understanding of the rules governing private retainers with reference to the GLH Describe the relationship between the Legal …

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Lawyer and Client Costs

This module covers the contractual relationship between lawyers and their clients. Knowledge of the law and rules which apply to lawyer and client costs will enable you to ensure that there is a valid retainer with the client and that the lawyer can be paid for their work. Objectives Describe the regulatory framework of the …

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Academic Skills

To become a competent lawyer it is essential to be able to research in an effective manner and find sources of law. The word ‘source’ can mean several different things with regard to law, but for our purpose it describes the means by which the law comes into existence or where it can be found.  …

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Drafting Points of Dispute

Points of dispute are a written statement made by the paying party identifying the areas of disagreement as to the costs to be assessed. In respect of each item of costs which is disputed the statement should outline the reason for disputing it and, where a reduction is sought, should suggest the reduced figure.  CPR …

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Civil Procedure (Foundation)

This module is a legal practice module and covers the civil litigation system in England and Wales.  You will be required to gain knowledge in civil litigation and will gain an understanding of the professional requirements and skills to run a civil file in practice. This module aims to enable you to develop foundation level …

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Law of Torts

The module is designed to provide you with an understanding of the Law of Tort and the main range of civil actions that provide remedies to those who have suffered loss as a result of a defendant’s carelessness or unreasonable conduct. Objectives Demonstrate a sound understanding of the general principles of tortious liability and the …

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Law of Contract

At the outset of the module, you will be provided with an understanding as to what constitutes a valid enforceable contract. You will then explore and gain an understanding in resulting obligations, the rights of third parties, terms and the interpretation of contracts. You will build upon this knowledge and explore vitiating factors, the discharge …

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