Land Law

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This module will explore in depth the fundamental principles of English Land Law. The course will examine property rights in relation to Land and deal with their definition, development, acquisition and transfer. The Land Law module provides an awareness of the rules relating to registration and transfer of land. It will investigate issues such as, the term ‘land’ and its meaning, how ownership of land is transferred and how land can be registered.

Can land be owned by more than one person? This is something that the module will discuss and investigate, looking at aspects of co-ownership and doctrines of trusts. Mortgages will also be examined including how they are created and discharged.


  1. Distinguish between real and personal property and demonstrate knowledge of legal and equitable interests in property 
  2. Identify the methods of creating interests in land and the ways those interests may be protected in both registered and unregistered land 
  3. Analyse the principles of trust and co-ownership and understand how land can be held by more than one person 
  4. Understand the nature of easements and profits and critically evaluate the principles that govern them 
  5. Identify and evaluate the rules and principles that govern the transfer of ownership and covenants that can be imposed 
  6. Understand the nature and effect of a mortgage and assess the rules that govern the area