Law of Contract

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At the outset of the module, you will be provided with an understanding as to what constitutes a valid enforceable contract. You will then explore and gain an understanding in resulting obligations, the rights of third parties, terms and the interpretation of contracts. You will build upon this knowledge and explore vitiating factors, the discharge of contractual obligations and the remedies available at both common law and equity. You will also be introduced to the role of tortious liability and will recognise the importance of the law of restitution. Finally, you will be introduced to the various stages of bringing a contract claim through the civil law system.

Upon completion of this module you should be able to: 

  1. Explain the fundamental principles of contract law. 
  2. Identify, apply and evaluate the rules relating to offer, acceptance, consideration and the intention to create legal relations. 
  3. Describe the rule on privity of contract with reference to the law of tort.
  4. Recognise the circumstances in which the courts or Parliament will interfere with the freedom of the parties to make their own contractual agreements upon their own terms.
  5. Explain how terms are incorporated into a contract and how these terms may be categorised.
  6. Apply the law regarding the vitiating factors with the ability to explain their effect on agreements.
  7. Explain the consequence and remedies available upon breach of contract.